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Physical exercise with diabetes

Diabetes can be combated with healthy habits. Know the best exercises for your body while controlling your blood glucose levels.


The diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the underlying problem is insulin or by a shortfall in production or resistance to it. Depending on the origin, diabetes will be Type 1 or Insulin dependent or Type 2 (Non Insulin dependent), the latter being the most common in the population. You have to know the relationship between physical exercise and diabetes.

  1. Treatment of diabetes with good habits
  2. Ideal aerobic work to fight diabetes
  3. Strong work can people with diabetes do?

Treatment of diabetes with good habits

Maintaining healthy habits among those who have an adequate diet and the practice of physical exercise will bring benefits for the patient. A few benefits that are broad and that cover different levels:

  • Improvement of insulin sensitivity and, therefore, decrease in the need for medication, both insulin and oral drugs.
  • Reduces blood glucose levels
  • Improvement at the level of the cardiovascular system and, therefore, the risk of diseases secondary to diabetes at this level (hypertension, peripheral vascular or coronary diseases)
  • Improvement of lipid profile (reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and increases HDL cholesterol).
  • Decrease in weight and body fat. By reducing weight, insulin sensitivity is improved.
  • Improvement of the level of stress and, therefore, the management of diabetes at the metabolic level.
  • At a preventive level, the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes decreases in those who have a family history.
  • Increase self-esteem, confidence and quality of life.

As for the recommended activities, they cover both aerobic and strength-type activities, with the aim of carrying out a global work. What we need to be clear about is that physical exercise and diabetes have to go hand in hand. 

Ideal aerobic work to fight diabetes

To obtain the benefits of aerobic activity, we recommend between 20-60 ‘, about 4-7 days a week of activities as varied as walking, cycling, dancing, running, skating, swimming … It is evident that the ability to Getting to reach 60 ‘will depend on each person, so you always have to start at the minimum and gradually increase. One possibility is to control this progression with the assessment of the heart rate that should be around 50-75% of the maximum heart rate (ideally, control it with a heart rate monitor). If you do not have one, there is a more affordable option that is “the speech test” in which while you perform the exercise you can talk and breathewithout great difficulties.


Strength work Can people with diabetes do it?

Include strength work in the routine . Exercises in which large muscle groups are involved are also recommended for patients with diabetes, thus improving functionality, tone and muscle strength. The glutes, legs, arms or trunk muscles are some of the groups that can be exercised 3-5 days a week in the gym with machines and light weights, or at home with their own body weight.

It is appropriate to pre-warm and cool down after exercise , as well as ensure proper hydration before, during and after it.

Regarding glycemic control, it is essential to know what are the values ​​prior to exercise since it is contraindicated when the values ​​are higher than 250 mg / dl and there is ketosis. In case of doubt, you should always consult with the specialist, since there are a series of contraindications that can prevent the practice of physical activity.

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